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Oast Productions is a video and photography production agency based in Hampshire and Surrey. We provide visual content for businesses, organisations, brands, artists, events and more. 

From scripting and concept to location shooting and editing, we ensure you receive first class production at every stage of the process.


Visual content is essential for the online presence of any business, brand or individual. We can provide high quality visuals in any style, catered to your marketing needs. Whether an attention grabbing ad, business overview, or series of product videos and photos, we aim to translate your brand and its message. We can produce projects catered to specific online/social media platforms.


Local groups and organisations are becoming more and more reliant on visual content to spread their message and keep their community and followers in the know. We can help capture charity events, live music, community gatherings and more. Whatever your event or objective, we can capture the day with enticing visuals and provide a slickly edited re-cap video montage or photo package.


Everyone has a story to tell. Businesses and organisations can immensley connect with people by sharing the journeys of those who have benefitted from their products or services. Charities can use powerful narratives to explain their goals and triumphs with the world. Oast Productions has a wealth of experience telling stories with several award winning short films under its belt. Let us help you tell your story.


Photo and video content is essential for a range of internal or external purposes in business. If your company is seeking to spread its corperate message, educate its workforce or highlight a new product, we have you covered. We can provide training videos, educational interviews and product demonstration packages for your company. 

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