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I'm Jack Trowbridge

Award winning filmmaker, videographer and photographer based in Hampshire.


I started OAST Productions to create high quality and engaging visual content.


Since 2020 I have provided businesses, organisations, events and more with video and photos to help them achieve their goals.

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Video production is a unique a mix of creative and technical knowhow. But like any other tool it has to suit your purpose and objectives.


My clients, whether businesses or individuals, appreciate the complexities of intertwining beautiful visuals with their voice, whatever that might be. This is all part of the OAST Productions service.



An engaging photo can be used to capture special moments, show off a new product or express an indivual's personality and style.

I offer a range of photographic styles to suit client needs, from events, to product shots to corporate headshots and more.


What I do for you:


- I establish your goals for your video/photos, including target audience and key demographics.


- I help you develop a strategy that makes your content align with your objective.

- I research what will make your video effective and within your budget and timeframe.


- I plan your film/photos out, sharing plans with you so that everyone knows exactly how it will look before the shoot.


- With everyone clear on the strategy, the plan and the output, it's lights, camera, action!

- Filming/photography and sound recording takes place using my high-end, professional equipment, tailored to the needs of the project.


- Your video comes alive with dynamic editing, music and graphics.

- Photos are edited to the needs of the project.


- Your project is turned around quickly and efficiently.

- With the project complete, the final step is to promote it and get it in front of your audience. 

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